Xyra James

Xyra is a 15-year-old girl used in futuristic RPs.

About XyraEdit

Xyra is a real gamer and is usually seen with electronics in her hand, usually playing a game. She also keeps track of the newest game consoles and games. Xyra also is also seen many times eating an ice cream, lolly or candy.


Xyra grew up in a normal family, surrounded by a lot of electronics. When she was 7 years old, Xyra became a gamer and was only interested in games and electronics until she met Dante. Before that, she also hang out with Victoria Runes, but she usually ended up playing games. When Xyra met Dante, she was mostly busy to let him get used to civilization than she was playing games and started to get some interests outside of playing games.

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