Viria is a 14-year-old girl. She is used in futuristic RPs.


Victoria, or mostly known as Viria, lives with her great uncle who lives nearby to her parents house. The reason why she moved out was because she would have argues with her parents, and was sent off to live with her great uncle who repairs and makes hoverboards. They are very close to each other, which resulted in her love for mechanics.


Viria is a rather quirky and considered the loud type of person. Most call her an oddball, especially with her fond of mechanics. Because of this passion, she is also smart especially in math. Her hobbies are tinkering and going around the city with her hoverboard, who she claims is her best friend, besides Xyra.

She is also outgoing, and loves to be around nature, which is present when she shows Xyra a forest with a waterfall and ruins (which ultimately led to them finding Dante). When first interacting with Dante, she express disbelief and worry, which overtime grew to be a sisterly mechanism.


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"Oh? Miss I'm-so-attached-to-video-games is smiling? Awww."

Xyra and Viria have a friendly relationship. Viria finds Xyra amusing and interesting to be with, seeing as they both like technology but in different ways. Unlike Xyra, Viria isn't very fond of video games, and is always trying to get Xyra be more social and interacting with the less 'futuristic' part of the world.


"Heh, okay then, hypocrite boy. Let's go."

Dante was originally hostile towards Viria (And Xyra) when they encountered him alone in the ruins. However, after bringing him to the clinic for a checkup, Viria finds him intriguing, especially about his past. They seem to have a joking and friendly relationship so far.


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