This is a blog about the war RP that Elizabeth110 and I are doing, but only small parts about some characters, please enjoy!

Episode 1, The Move-away:

Nochan: Chichan, hurry up, this is our new home!

Chichan: Really? It's not big...

Nochan: What did you expect? It's just an appartement.

Chichan: Let's hope the inside is better...

Mindiou: Chichan!!!!!! Wait up!!!!

Chichan: Yo, what's up?

Mindiou: Hungry,  I'm off to the snackbar, so this is your new home, you liar!

Chichan: Liar?!

Mindiou: Yes, you said you got a house! This is a bower!

Chichan: It's an appartement!

Nochan: Chichan, could you finally head inside too!

Chichan: Wanna help?

Mindiou: Are you kidding? Heck no! I'm off to home, I need food!

Chichan: Wait, one thing, did I just miss school?!

Mindiou: Yup, you ruined your first day, the dean will not like you hahaha,

well, later!

Chichan: ... This is bad...

Episode 2, Suddenly Gone:

Eight years ago, Chichan felt his biggest sadness...

Nochan: Chichan, Mom and dad... won't come home!

Chichan: They stay in a hotel?

Nochan: No... they won't get home at all!

Chichan: I understood, so you have to read my bedtime story tonight,

you can do that right? you're my big bro!

Nochan: Chichan! They left us!

Chichan: Nope, I've still got my bedtime stories, you're weird.

Nochan: They died! They had a car accident on their way home!

Chichan: What's died? Is that what mommy uses to get smaller?

I don't think a romantic dinner will help her losing weight!

Nochan: Chichan, you will understand later, atleast we don't have parents anymore...

Chichan: Then you always have to read for me, or I'll sleep with the neighbours, they give me milk!

Nochan: Chichan, stop it, they will never read you again, because they are unable to...

Chichan: Like Granny?

Nochan: Like Granny...

Chichan: No...

Episode 3, Smelly Mint:

One year later, Chichan meets Mindiou at elementary school...

Chichan: Blocks are cool ahahahaha

Mindiou: Huh? I miss a block, ooh... oooh ohhh, you stole it!

Chichan: These are my blocks!

Mindiou: But I've got a red one!

Chichan: Me too! Wanna be friends?

Mindiou: Okay.

Chichan: I like blocks!

Mindiou: Hey, me too.

Chichan: Let's be best friends, wanna know my name?

Mindiou: My name is Mindiou.

Chichan: Mint?

Mindiou: Mindiouuuuu!!

Chichan: Did you fart? It's smelly here!

Mindiou: Then you can call me smelly mint ahahah

Chichan: Hihihihihihi

Mindiou: What's your name?

Chichan: I'm Chichan!

Mindiou: Smelly Chichan!

Chichan: Huhh?

Mindiou: Ahahahaha

Episode 4, The Arrow of Soyashi:

Soyashi: Stop teasing my friends, everyone hates me now!

Yajirushi: They are not your friends!

Soyashi: They are, but you tease them away, this is why you don't have friends!

Yajirushi: No need for, I'll only protect you from badness!

Soyashi: Why?

Yajirushi: I don't want you to get hurt!

Soyashi: I won't get hurt! So stop!

Yajirushi: I our new house, you'll talk to no body,

I want you to stay safe!

Soyashi: Leave me alone in the new house!

Yajirushi: Soyashi...

Episode 5, Mayor-tator:

Shirou: Hey, dad, mom got a new job right?

Daddy: Yeah, but don't be proud of it...

Shirou: Why not? she'll come home soon, I will congrat.

Daddy: Mom's new job is not a fine one.

Shirou: How come?

Daddy: A war is rasing, and Second Stage is choosing Mayor-tators to rule all regions around the country!

Shirou: Mom's not a part of it right?

Daddy: Mom's the Mayor-tator of our region.

Shirou: Does she know it's bad?

Daddy: You truly understand this right? Mom choose for Second Stage!

Shirou: Should we hurry away

Daddy: Listen, mom will come home soon, you need to go to the forest with your sister!

Shirou: Aren't you coming?

Daddy: I will stop mom from following you!

Shirou: But she won't find the three of us...

Daddy: Shirou, you'll be fine, go through the forest, to the city next to here, you'll be safe for there.

Shirou: I can't take care of Sana.

Daddy: If you stay here, you'll need to work in the factory, leave, with you sister!

Shirou: Daddy *flees upstairs, to his sister* Come with me, we're  going to play in the forest!

Sana: Yay Yay

Shirou: *Takes Sana's hand* let's go *leaves via the backdoor*

Sana: Look! Mumma is home!!

Shirou: Ok... She'll know we're not home

Sana: Yay let's play hihihi

Shirou: *hears sound from inside house and runs toward the forest*

Sana: Don't hurry brother...

Shirou: Uhh... I really wanna play hide and seek, deep in the forest!

Sana: Won't we get lost?

Shirou: Never,  won't lose you... *hears a noice from faraway, where his home is*

Sana: Firework!! Yay Yay

Shirou: Firework...


Episode 6, Saru, natural plan master!:

Hiro: Saru, the project has to be done in 3 days!

Saru: Relax, if we share the work perfectly within the four of us, it'll be done in 4 hours max.

Matt: We're not all that much homework-lovers like you Saru.

Saru: I'm not, I just do my homework in the remaining time.

Kyoko: Sometimes that makes me jealous...

Matt: Why would you be jealous on that?

Hiro: Probably a girls thing...

Saru: If everyone would plan their stuff, the tests wouldn't be hard.

Hiro: They already aren't

Matt: Speak for yourself!

Kyoko: I don't have time to make all my homework.

Saru: Do it in the time you have left.

Matt: Doing nothing is more fun, even being bored is a party compared to doing homework.

Hiro: Okay party animal, we need a topic for our project.

Matt: Planning?

Saru: How about lazy teenagers!

Kyoko: The SS?

Saru: That's not a smart thing, teacher stand behind their plans.

Hiro: How would you know?

Saru: I had time to watch tv!

Kyoko: You have done your homework already?

Saru: Yep, two weeks of freedom!

Matt: If they won't give us homework in the main time.

Saru: I'll just re-plan that, haha.

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