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  • Samalion

    Temporarly Safe

    March 14, 2013 by Samalion
    I don't have the start anymore, becuse I RFed----

    Kiseki: And the rest will be sold


    Kiseki: Medicines are so expencive

    Harper:Why do you need it anyways?

    Kiseki: I've told you 100 times, my dad is ill, I need the medicines so bad

    Harper:I could help.

    Kiseki: NO, I have to do it myself, you should care for your family, money is expencive these days

    Harper:You sure? I mean c'mon, i don't have a family anyways remember

    Kiseki: II just want you to care for your own, it's best for both of us

    Harper:*Sighs*Fine then..

    Kiseki: I need to hunt more, before sunset

    Harper:Need help with that?

    Kiseki: no thanks

    Harper:Alright then..*Goes to hunt some more*

    Kiseki: *climbs a tree over a lake*

    • Kiseki: Come here fishie fishie
    • Kiseki: *waits*
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  • Samalion

    97 years, after Avatar Korra's birth, a new kingdom was reborn, one that should be in full peace, one that would be safe forever, one that was attack by a new force!

    Earthbenders of Omashu attacked villages, because they want respect for their power!

    Just when the earth is about to colapse, a new Avatar was reborn!

    Mena: Finished dinner?

    Astphan: Yup, It was delicious!

    Mena: Thank you son, you may go out and play.

    Astphan: Dad says it's dangerous outside...

    Mena: Could be, but it's safe here.

    Astphan: I believe you mom, I'm in the garden, training my earthbending.

    Mena: Sure, go ahead, have fun.

    Astphan: Thanks mom.

    Astphan runs outside to the mountain's feet.

    Noises come from above.

    Astphan: Looks up Earthbenders! Cool! I wanna become like them!


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  • Samalion

    Special Episodes

    November 22, 2012 by Samalion

    This is a blog about the war RP that Elizabeth110 and I are doing, but only small parts about some characters, please enjoy!

    Nochan: Chichan, hurry up, this is our new home!

    Chichan: Really? It's not big...

    Nochan: What did you expect? It's just an appartement.

    Chichan: Let's hope the inside is better...

    Mindiou: Chichan!!!!!! Wait up!!!!

    Chichan: Yo, what's up?

    Mindiou: Hungry,  I'm off to the snackbar, so this is your new home, you liar!

    Chichan: Liar?!

    Mindiou: Yes, you said you got a house! This is a bower!

    Chichan: It's an appartement!

    Nochan: Chichan, could you finally head inside too!

    Chichan: Wanna help?

    Mindiou: Are you kidding? Heck no! I'm off to home, I need food!

    Chichan: Wait, one thing, did I just miss school?!

    Mindiou: Yup, you ruined you…

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