Stage II - The Descending Evolution

Socked when seeing a legendary creature right in front of Hugh, he started to rub his eyes to see if he isn't having any sort of hallucination.

- Is everything alright? You seem a little pale. – Laggia said, confused.
- Look I don't know what I am seeing, but surely is a dream or something of its kind. – Hugh said, surprised and scared.
- A dream? Does this look like a dream to you? - Laggia asked, spitting fire to show Hugh what he was seeing was real.
- Well now that you are meaning hurting someone and probably KILLING someone on your request, I don't want to be apart on your help thing. – Hugh said, rejecting the dragon help.
- Is it because what happen ten years ago? – Laggia said, noticing Hugh's face expression.
- Why do people always rely on hurting others?! Why can't they just sit still?! – Hugh shouted.
- It runs in your veins, Hugh. And everybody knows it that's why they are afraid of you, you shouldn't be afraid from a power that lives with you 24 hours. – Laggia said, trying to calm Hugh down.
- Who are you and how do you know my name, and my life?! – Hugh shouted once again.
- Like I said before, my name is Laggia, one of the emperors of Agia and I need
your help, in finding my brothers or Evolution will be destroyed. And in exchange I will grant your wish. – Laggia said, introducing himself again.
- What wish? I have never asked for anything. - Hugh said, looking away.
- The wish that would change history in 10 years. - Laggia answered.
- Well I'm not helping you, ask another idiot to do it. – Hugh said, refusing his request again.
- There are only three idiots, but they don't have the heart that you have to use me – Laggia said .
- Use you? What are you talking about? I've told you that I'm not going to help... – Hugh asked, being interrupted by the little reptile, trying to answer his question by giving deck with cards.
- This cannot be! How can YOU be in these cards?! – Hugh asked, shocked.
- I and my brothers started to belong to this game from beginning of live, starting from that unfaithful day, it ruined our world and killing all of its life, since then we have been trapped in these cards until the day that meteor fell, but it only sent shock waves to unleash true evil! And then I and my brothes got separated from each other; I need to find them and to stop this evil together. – Laggia said.
- What will happen? – Hugh asked, intrigued.
- Time will tell us… - Laggia said, trying to not worry Hugh.
- Ok, I will help you. – Hugh said, accepting Laggia request.
- Thank you. – Laggia thanked Hugh.

So Hugh became an ally to Laggia and agreed to help him on his quest to find his brothers and stop the evil that was threatening evolution, once he agreed to help him, Laggia used his powers, surrounding Hugh with rings of fire, scared and shocked, Hugh thought this was some sort of trap, and because of it he ended up passing out, but then the flames began to fade and Laggia was gone. When Hugh woke up he thought that it was really just a dream or he just hallucinated a talking dragon that request him to find more dragons, but little he knew that wasn't hallucinated or a dream, those flames change him physically, he later began to hear the sirens of a police car, because some local people heard screams of a boy in a dark alley talking to himself, Hugh started to run to not be caught.

He noticed that he had changed, while running from the police his agility changed, he crossed streets avoiding any sort of vehicle, his speed and jump change too, the elderly people were talking about their grandsons and granddaughters, but they changed the subject to "kids of these days, with their running and jumping and avoiding traffic". When he got home, his father was worry about him, for coming late than the usual.

- Where were you? Why do I smell fire? - Hugh's father asked.
- They were burning old stuff at the school and I went to see it. - Hugh lied, he couldn't say what it really happen.
- You went to see that? What was the point of that? - His father asked, amazed.
- No point actually, I was bored. - Hugh said, while lying.

Later, Hugh went to his bedroom to do his homework; the ones who weren't burned by Laggia's flames. Hugh notices the changes and started to think if that was the effect of those flames.

Later on that night, when sleeping, nightmares invading Hugh's dreams, someone was trying to stop Hugh from helping Laggia, but he end up to wake up, but the fear didn't end up when he wake up, when he turn on the light, he looked to the door of his room. Hugh jumped out of the bed, he saw a orange dinosaur observing him, scared, Hugh tries to face the dinosaur, but the dinosaur begged Hugh to put his hand on his head, it seems that the dinosaur just wanted to be petted, Hugh was surprise with the dinosaur, but the main question was, who was that dinosaur and how did it got in Hugh room, Hugh tried to sleep but he was distracted because the dinosaur was looking to the window, like he was protecting Hugh. The next morning the dinosaur wasn't on his room anymore, but the same little reptile was outside the house playing with a little ball, Hugh was confused, why did it appear again, Hugh decided to see to the little reptile and try to talk to him.

- Hello there little buddy, I wasn't expecting to see you again, how are you? – Hugh asked.
- He is good, very happy with his new toy, by the way he doesn't talk neither the dinosaurs, only the dragons can talk. – Laggia said, appearing from behind, answered Hugh's question to the reptile.
- Oh it's you, did you said dinosaur? So you know who does that dinosaur belongs to and who is it? - Asked Hugh being amazed by seeing Laggia again.
- We don't like to be treated with the "it" word, we are not things you know, his name is Cerato and he belongs to you. – Laggia said, angry for what Hugh said.
- To me? How? – Hugh asked, once again amazed with Laggia's words.

Laggia lift out his arm and flames started to surround Hugh's body again until they enter through his body and then cards were extracted from his body.

- Hgh…Why do I feel so weak? – Hugh said, falling down on his knees.
- Try to grab one card. Laggia said, knowing the pain but Hugh needed to know what the consequences are.
- Hgh… I feel a bit better but I still can't stand up. – Said Hugh, grabbing a card in front of him.
- Grab the whole deck you'll see that you will be much better. – Said Laggia.

After a while Hugh was back on his feat...

- I fell much better, I fell like a new fresh guy. Oh and 1 more thing, what the hell did you do to me!? You did the same thing on the alley. – Hugh shouted.
- On the alley, I was fusing your soul with mine, you might notice the speed, and agility that you got, and now I just showed you what gives you strength, you cannot lose this deck, if you do, then you will suffer the consequences. – Laggia said, explaining everything.
- Ok, so what do I do with these? Well I know how to duel, but shouldn't I hide this deck since "Evil" is after you? - Asked Hugh.
- Ah! That's a good question, that deck is locked on your body, only my flames and your will to fight can unlocked them, but you will need to train with this deck here against me. And we will start your training now. - Laggia said, being intrigued with Hugh's question.
- Ok… - Hugh said.
-Duel! - Said both Hugh and Laggia.

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