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  • Elizabeth110

    Happy New Year

    December 31, 2014 by Elizabeth110

    Happy new year everyone!!! 

    I wish everyone a happy new year and the best wishes for 2015. May your wishes come true then~~ 

    Be sure to stay safe and enjoy the new year!

    xxx Liz

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  • Elizabeth110

    Christmas holiday dad

    December 28, 2014 by Elizabeth110

    Heeeey minna!!

    It might be a bit late but right now (december 28) I'm at my dad's. I went here yesterday (the 27th) and will be staying here till december 30, dunno when I'll go home, either the afternoon or evening. So I shouls be on in the evening of december 30. Till then the chance that I come on the  chat is small and if I come it's most likely in end morning or beginning afternoon. In the evening I will come on skype and also check at other times in the morning and afternoon, but I won't be that active. So for those that I have on skype; hope to see on skype or else on december 30/31. Have some nice days and see ya in the chat when I'm hooommeee!!!!

    Xxx Liz

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  • Elizabeth110

    Happy new year~!

    January 1, 2014 by Elizabeth110

    Hey minna!!

    A late happy new year and the best wishes for 2014!! I hope no one got hurt by fireworks or got too drunk. xD

    Have a nice year and make the best of it!

    xx Liz.

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  • Elizabeth110

    Holidays 2013

    July 6, 2013 by Elizabeth110

    hey minna!

    Today I'll leave to my dad for 3 weeks, for the holidays. On Monday I'll fly to Ireland. My first time in a plane!

    I'll stay there for 9 days and after that I'll be with my dad until the 3 weeks are full~

    When I'm Ireland, we have no wifi, so I can't come on at all. In Holland with my dad I might be able to come on the chat once in a while or else on skype or facebook. 

    But fine. Have a nice holiday Minna~!!!!!

    xxx Liz.

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  • Elizabeth110

    Hello minna!

    Just so you guys know; On most of the Thursday evening I'll have some us-time with Hugh. That means no chats. It mostly starts at 19 Greenwich time (UTC). So you guys won't see me by then~

    Well bye bye, this was all I wanted to say. 


    xx Liz

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