Hello Minna! This Is My First Fanfiction Here~ X3 Yaaay!

So, If Your Wondering,This Is Based Off Me And Eliza's RP~


Eric and Elena are twins but are very far alike. Eric is kind, loyal, obediant, selfless and intelligiant. Where-else his sister, Elena, is cruel, selfish, stubborn takes much pride in herself. One day, Eric meets an "Odd" girl in the park called Anima. They had gotten along pretty well, eventually leading Eric to find himself liking Anima. Elena, not satisfied with this, plans to "Forbid" their love.


Eric Cupitidé

Elena Cupidité

Anima Videns


The Forbidden Love:Chapter 1

Chapter 2

(More Soon~)

Thanks For Checking Out This Page! More Will Come Soon~

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