Takenouchi Mari
First Name Mari
Second Name {{{name_second}}}
Surname Takenouchi
Nickname White Wolf
Biological Information
Gender Female
Age 12
Date of Birth December 31st 2002
Eye color Brown
Hair color Black
Species Human
Status Alive
Personal Information
Occupation Elementary School Student

Martial Artist

Family Takenouchi Tatsuya (Father)
Relatives {{{relatives}}}
Partner {{{partner}}}
Residence Tokyo, Japan
Nationality Japanese
Abilities/Powers Martial Artist
Weapon {{{weapon}}}
Anime The Idolm@ster
Voice Actor {{{voice_actor}}}

Takenouchi Mari is a 12 year old junior fighter who represents Karasawa Fighting Gym. She is currently unable to fight at junior level due to her age.

Background and PersonalityEdit

Mari was born and raised in Tokyo Japan. Her mother died at an early age and she was raised by her father for her whole life. Her father is a former world champion fighter who had to retire after fracturing his jaw. He soon became a trainer at Karasawa Fighting Gym where Mari would go and train from the age of 8. She took quickly too fighting and is a natural prodigy at it. She uses the same style as her father wanting to prove that her fathers fighting style is the strongest in the world.

Mari is a cold and distant person who rarely shows any positive emotion. There are few instances when she is seen smiling in the story. She has a competitive and stubborn streak to her and hates to lose as seen on her refusal to stay down during spars.


She was first intoduced as Aikira Miura's sparring partner as a test of Miura's potential. She made easy work of the beginner fighter but was hit a lot more than she had anticipated, something which irritated her greatly. She finished the match using her signature move White Fang, she then left the ring with her father.

She was next seen when Miura was out buying appropriate footwear. She managed to stop her from being sold inappropriate and expensive shoes and showed her a cheaper pair that would suit her better. She then left to go and train with her father.

Fighting Style and RecordEdit

Currently Mari hasn't fought at a competitive level so her record stands at 0 wins/0 draws/0 losses. She however is unbeaten in spars with girls her own age since she started at the age of 7.

Mari is a power type fighther whose style is similar to Date's mainly using powerful punches rather than kicks. Her speed level is above average but she can have trouble catching opponents who are faster than her. Her signature move is the White Fang, the move is done by throwing a downward blow to the head with the left arm and then throwing an uppercut to the head at quick motion.

Mari's biggest weakness is her difficulty against quick and speedy opponents, something which her father's style is noted on.

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