Sydney is a 16-year-old girl who's used in a Future War Roleplay, which plays in 2284.


When Sydney was still a baby, she got kidnapped by some unknown people. She got raised at a "foster family", without father or brothers, who she believed was her real family. Sydney grew up with the idea that men are useless and only cause pain and trouble. She even went to a girls-only school where they only taught her and the other girls lies, idolizing women. The PE classes were really strict and seemed to train the girls as soldiers. 

Not long before the war between men and women started, Sydney got curious and asked her teacher what boys and men are actually good for and why they exist. Sydney didn't get an answer so we went out on research. She couldn't find anything online and went to an abandoned library, where she got surprised by what it looks like, since everything is digital now. She started to look through the old books and saw many of the books were written by men. She also found out some of the things she was taught were actually lies. Unfortunately, the war started outside while Sydney was researching so she had to leave, still having many questions. 

Ever since the war started in 2279, Sydney has been training and fighting as a female soldier against the boys and men. 


Sydney is a serious girl who goes on her missions without complaining, even if it's against her own perspectives. She's curious, especially about the cause of the war and about the knowlegde from before the war. Even though Sydney goes out of every mission that's given her, she can't bring up herself to kill innocent children or people, male or female, because she thinks they have nothing to do with the war.



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