Sagawa Keina
Sagawa Keina 17
First Name Keina
Second Name
Surname Sagawa
Nickname Kei-chan
Biological Information
Gender Female
Age 17
Date of Birth January 18, 1996
Eye color Green
Hair color Brown
Species Human
Status Alive
Personal Information
Occupation 961 Idol (previously 464 idol)
Partner Yajima Eiji
Residence Tokyo, Japan
Nationality Japanese
Abilities/Powers Singing, Dancing
Anime The Idolm@ster
Voice Actor Kitamura Eri (Japanese)

Charice (English)

Keina is a 17-year-old girl used in the Idolm@ster Rps. 


Sagawa Keina

Keina at the age of 14

Keina is a normal girl. She loves to sing, but loves to dance even more. 

Keina used to have dancing lessons and was always the top-dancer of her group. But even though she was the top-dancer, she gave the big roles in performances to other girls. She always said that hearing she was the best of the class was more than enough, so the other girls deserved the opportunities and experiences. Instead of having the main role in the performance, Keina always took a smaller role, so she'd also get some experience


Keina is a kind and friendly girl, but she can't stand it if someone insults, bullies or hurts one of her friends. This causes Keina to clash a lot with Yajima in order to defend her friends (mostly Nanami). Keina herself doesn't mind if she gets insulted since she'll just ignore it.

Reason to singEdit

Keina's reason to sing is because she wants to make people happy with her music.

Her family arranged that she could do auditions to become an idol. They said they wanted her to make her dream come true. Since then Keina has had another dream: to make people happy and to inspire them to achieve their own dreams, no matter how hard or how far that dream seems to be. She wants to touch people with her music and make a change in their lives. 

Keina's bass

Keina's (left handed) bass

Voice and songsEdit

Audition song: Sora wa takaku kaze wa utau

These are songs Keina sings with this voice.  Japanese:






In love so deep

** The songs and voice belong to Kitamura Eri/Charice and producers, writers, etc.


  • Keina is left handed.
  • Keina's favorite colour is purple, but she also likes red.
  • Keina is learning how to play the bass for the new 464 pro band, Constellations.



Liz sprite Live, Laugh and Love

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