Roxanne is an 18 year old princess used in Kingdom Rps.


Roxanne is born as a princess and has lived her life like that. At the age of 6 she met a young wolf in the palace's garden. The wolf had a white fur and blue eyes. She started to play with him and became good friends with him. He once came to her with some really nice crystals. The next day he showed her where he found them. Roxanne treasured the crystals and let a necklace be made of one of the two he gave her. She later let a sword be made of the other one, or at least had the crystal been put in the handle. Roxanne's father found out about her friendship with the wolf after a few months after she met the wolf. For some reason or another, Roxanne's father started a hunt on wolfs. Ever since then Roxanne got mad at her father because she thought he killed the wolf. 

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