Rafaella Agnelli

Rafaella is half angel, half demon and has the appearance of a 16-year-old girl. She's used in Demon and Fantasy RPs.


Rachel is born out of an affair between an angel and a demon. Her mother was the angel and her father the demon. Her mother left Rafaella as a foundling in Italy. There she was raised by an old couple until the age of 16. Rafaella was quite a noticable girl, not only because of her appearance, but also because of the power she can't control. From time to time Rafaella acted quite weird because she was trying to keep them under control. Sometimes she'd even lock herself up so she wouldn't hurt anyone by releasing the power. One day when she was found by angels, she was put into an eternal sleep. Not only because of her uncontrolable powers, but also because she was a creature, that 'shouldn't exist'. She was locked away in what Romans used as tomb, but then hidden deep within a lake. 

Rafaella was born with the sign of one of the four elements, water. These marked ones are used as sacrifices to revive a demon queen who once ruled over hell and earth. This was another reason for that Rafaella got put inside that tomb. A reason that the angels didn't kill Rafaella was because of the reincarnation of the element. If Rafaella would die, then someone who was born at that moment would take her sign and element, at least, if she wasn't sacrificed. This way the angels couldn't prevent the sacrifice easily, since they had to find that person first, over and over again. If they killed the person, then they had to search again. This is why they locked Rafaella away instead of killing her.


After thousands of years, Rafaella was found by the demon that gathered the marked ones to summon the demon queen. She was still asleep when he found her and she didn't wake up till the moment she was sacrificed in the water. She woke up when Yasumi tried to rescue her and succeeded in it. However she fell into a light slumber in the water again and woke up later when she was safed. Lucius later came with the idea that Alistair would take Rafaella in, and so he did. Since then Rafaella has been living with Alistair and even fell in love with him. 

Now that Rafaella is getting used to the new time she's starting to struggle with controlling her powers once again. She keeps getting taken over by her demon side and sometimes her angelic side. Her powers are starting to become more instable and might lose control of them in the future.



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