Owen is a Pokémon trainer from Fallarbor town, Hoenn region. Owen shows a lot of interest in Pokémon, just as Ethan, but specifically the ground types. He travels together with Ethan, Jade, Fionn and Hailey.



Owen is a very laid back person who does not seems to be stressed at any second. He cares much about any Pokémon and loves training them. He cares as well good for the nature as for many other things that need it.Edit

Background - PlotEdit

Owen has defeated four gym leaders, before telling Ethan to calm down and leave the mountain alone, since he's training there. The two start to talk and seem to get along very well. Coinsidently, they sleep in the same hotel, where they spend all night together. The next morning, Owen checks out when he meets Ethan on his way, who asks to join them, which Owen happily accepts. The two want to battle and go to Hailey's house to ask is anyone'd like to be their referee. On their way, they meet up with Hailey, who'll be their referee. While defeating the first three Pokémon from Ethan, Fionn arrives with Porygon, but also states that they don't have a referee. Ethan and Owen notice that Hailey's gone, and go safe her since people try to kill her for her Poochyena, Astro. When Owen caught one of the two criminals, he returns to the hospital, where Hailey is at. While waiting there, Fionn confesses his love to Jade and Jade feels the same way, while being all teary, he, Owen, together with the others, notices that Hailey's parents aren't informed about this. When Fionn and Jade go tell them, Owen and Ethan start training. They return soon after Jade and notice there's a girl with Hailey, who appears to be a friend from Johto, called Summer.


He shares the same ability as Ethan to increase abilities of certain Pokémon.


Father - Mother


Phanpy: Phanpy is very fast when he uses Rollout.

Rhyhorn:  Rhyhorn can fire loads of rocks using Rock Blast.

Swinub: Swinub's snow powers are remarkable.

Cubone: Cubone is very clever with using his bone.


  • He has only got ground types so far