Naomi Golden

Naomi Golden is a budding Pokémon Trainer from the region of Kalos. She is 15 years old and is currently on a journey with newly-found friend Wes.


Naomi is a very adventurous and positive person, loving the risks of life and always looking at the brighter side of the journey. Despite the fears of being a new Pokémon trainer with absolutely no experience with Pokémon, Naomi is confident in herself and believes that she will make her parents proud. She is also very generous, helping people in need, while she is also friendly and loves making new friends. Despite all this positivity, Naomi is confused on what to do with her life and decides that a Pokémon journey will help her come to a conclusion.


Naomi is originally born in Cyllage city, but moved to Vaniville Town in her grandparent's house a few months before she started her journey. This is because Naomi's grandparents have extensive knowledge about Pokémon. Her parents often send her postcards to keep in touch.


Elliekun Wielder of LightRiku-Card (Art)  17:24, February 19, 2015 (UTC)

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