Naomi is a 16-year-old girl who's used in Pokémon Rps.

Background Edit

Naomi grew up as a normal girl. But when she was seven years old, her father went missing. Only a few of his Pokémon and stuff were found back. Naomi and her family assumed that they lost him since then. 

Naomi tried to live on with a normal life, but she felt abandoned and became more insecure. She kept thinking people were gossiping about her having no father anymore. This caused her to prefer being alone. She wanted to be alone, with some family or only with one more person. That person happened to be Tenshi most of the time. This was also the situation when Naomi started traveling through the Pokémon world.


Naomi is a serious kind of person. She prefers to be alone with her Pokémon. She hates to be in groups. Naomi barely smiles. She smiles at times she feels really happy, when she's winning in important battles or when she has proven people wrong about her. 

Naomi doesn't like to battle without any reason. She prefers to catch and take care of Pokémon, who then become her friends. She doesn't want to participate in gymbattles. When she has to fight bad guys, she won't hesitate to attack, but she only does this when they challenge, threaten or hurt her or her friend.


Naomi has several Pokémon of several types. 

  • Luna. (An Eevee who'll become an Espeon or an Umbreon later. Luna is also Naomi's starter.)
  • Lucario. (The old Pokémon of her father Naomi's mother gave her before she started her journey.)
  • Meowstic. (Male.)



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