Nakajima Dahlicia
Dahlicia normal
First Name Dahlicia
Second Name
Surname Nakajima
Nickname {{{nickname}}}
Biological Information
Gender Female
Age 16
Date of Birth
Eye color Red
Hair color Red
Species Fire girl
Status Alive
Personal Information
Residence Japan
Nationality Japanese
Abilities/Powers Controlling fire
Voice Actor

Dahlicia is a 16-year-old girl used in Superpower RPs. She’s able to control fire, even though she doesn’t know anything about her powers because she keeps forgetting every time she uses them.


Dahlicia grew up in a small household with parents who had super powers, just like Dahlicia. Dahlicia’s parents tried to help her control her powers, but one day when she was still a toddler, it went wrong and she burnt everything around her. She lost her house and both her parents that day. Probably because of a trauma, Dahlicia lost her memories of this accident. She got raised by a normal foster family for the rest of her life. When Dahlicia became a teen, her powers started to grow. She lost control over them sometimes and started to go on rampage, not remembering a thing once she turned back. Because no one has actually been able to see her when she went on rampage, she’s being called a fire monster. One day, Dahlicia met Ryu, a girl who control snow and ice. They later ended up at the same school and slowly became friends. However, Dahlicia lost control over her powers again when some boys tried to be funny and threw water on her head. She was eventually stopped by Hibiki, her childhood friend and ex-boyfriend. Since then the three of them together with Gero, Ryu’s friend and Hibiki’s lover, form a group and hang out with each other.”


Many say that Dahlicia is bipolar because she can get angry really fast. She gets often told that she should calm down. Dahlicia is usually a kind, but quiet person. She has 7 stages of personality:
I – Normal. Usually kind, quiet, calm.
II – Annoyed. At this stage, she’s still quite normal but can be quite rude to people.
III – Angry. At this stage, some of Dahlicia’s powers are being released. The temperature around her starts rising for example and the fire in the her surroundings start getting uneasy.
IV – Mad. From this stage on you need to be careful around Dahlicia. This stage can lead easily to the other one. Dahlicia’s powers are starting to get ready for the next face and the temperature around her is getting even higher.
V – Furious. In this stage, Dahlicia starts using her fire powers. She can’t be talked into reason anymore.
VI – Outraged. Dahlicia’s clothes start to change and the amount of fire is getting higher. She can also summon fire weapons.
VII – Out of control. In this stage, Dahlicia has lost complete control. She usually goes on rampage and can even summon her most powerful weapon. It’s hard to stop her in this stage, except for when she runs out of energy.



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