Murasaki Huyuma is the 20 years old girlfriend of Fukuro Nochan.

She was part of the rebellion until she got captured by the Second Stage in the war of 2021 and was more the mother of the group.


Huyuma has got long purple hair and purple eyes.

She has a normal length.


Since she met Nochan she also has been very caring for Chichan.

She acts very sweet to everyone and always wants to help the people.

She's also very serious, so she isn't very fond of Nogashita Mindiou's jokes very often.


Huyuma has always lived in Takaoka and has met Nochan there.

She escaped from the Second Stage rules with Nochan and became part of the rebellion.

She got captured along with Nochan.


She has acted like a nurse in the hideout.

She is a good cook.


Unknown mother

Unknown father

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