Luna is the 16-year-old daughter of the human Roxanne and the wolf-shifter Faolan.


Luna is the child of Faolan and Roxanne Landrieu. Her father Faolan is a wolf shifter while her mother is a human. And thus, Luna is part wolf, just like her twin brother Connor. Luna's first friend was Chloe, a shy but friendly girl who soon found out Luna's part wolf, but learned to accept it and didn't leave Luna. Luna decided to go to the same high school as Chloe, while her brother goes to another one.


Luna is Chloe's best friend and now that they're in the same class as two half vampire-half demons, she's very protective over Chloe and tries to make sure she won't be hurt. Luna is very skeptical about Chloe's crush on Delmar, one of the half vampire-half demons.

Creator Edit


Liz sprite Live, Laugh and Love

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