Kishido Fuyuka

Fuyuka is a 16-year-old girl used in Normal RPs together with her twin sister Kishido Rin. 


Fuyuka grew up in the shadow of her sister, Rin. Their parents favored Rin because she was the more silent and wiser type and Fuyuka was a curious and rebellious type who really wanted attention and love when they were younger. She grew up with her parents always telling Rin did things perfectly, while what Fuyuka did was wrong or not as good as what Rin did. Eventually Fuyuka had enough of it and became rebellious. She tried to get her parents' attention, even though it only lead to her parents thinking she was becoming a bad person who'd use drugs and vandalize things. 

Fuyuka got in detention a lot and wasn't trusted by her teachers, who had the same thoughts as her parents. She eventually met Hikaru and Yuuki in detention and became friends with them, even though they are troublemakers. 


Fuyuka is a kind of person who just says the things that comes up in their minds. She isn't easily embarrassed and just says and does things, not thinking about how she should feel about them. She can also be silent, especially around her parents and teachers, knowing she'll be compared to Rin anyways. Fuyuka is also the kind of person who cares about others, even though it means things will be worse for her. Like, for example telling the teachers her partner has made the project while she did all the work, to prevent that both of them get a bad grade. 



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