Kanada Shizuko
First Name Shizuko
Second Name {{{name_second}}}
Surname Kanada
Nickname Shi-chan
Biological Information
Gender Female
Age {{{age}}}
Date of Birth 8 June
Eye color Light brown
Hair color Black hair
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Personal Information
Occupation {{{occupation}}}
Family Miyuki Kazuya (Husband) (College)

Miyuki Nanako (Daughter) (College)

Relatives Kanada Saishiro (Little Brother)
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Residence Miyagi, Japan
Nationality Japan
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Shizuko is used for Haikyuu!! Rps. (Also college rps but shh)

Shizuko is a second year student of Karasuno class 2-4 and is part of the female volleyball club being the captain and setter.

Appereance Edit

Shizuko has long black hair and light brown eyes. she is either seen in her volleyball uniform or school uniform.

Personality Edit

People might have heard rumors of her being a demonic captain that gets mad very easily. That can be true but she is actually very mature and really nice. She is also really smart and is very popular in school.

Relationships Edit

Kanada Saishiro- Saishiro is Shizuko's little brother and they are really close with eachother their father is always away so the only one they have is their mother. Saishiro always adored Shizuko when they were young and even now. Also he doesnt want to tell Shizuko but he actually thinks that Miyuki is a cool guy.


Sugawara Koushi- She has known Sugawara for a really long time and he is even the reason why she went to Karasuno. They met when Shizuko still lived in her own town Sugawara was there on a vacation trip and there they have met thet quickly became friends and promised eachother to meet eachother again one day. Shizuko has a crush on Sugawara and everyone knows exept Sugawara himself.


Miyuki Kazuya- They were classmates through the years of college. She always thought that Miyuki was annoying since he was always bothering her. But they became in a way sort of good friends. Later on she didnt knew if she either liked him or not. Then in their second year planned by kuramochi and sugawara she could confess together with Miyuki their feelings for eachother.

Miyuki proposed to her after they graduated college and she said yes. After that alot of things has happened and their bond grew even thighter. Later they got a child a girl called Nanako. You could say they that they have the perfect relationship.

Kuramochi Youchi- They were classmates aswell through their college lives. They also became pretty good friends.

Oikawa Tooru- They have seen eachother when they were still in highschool but actually talked to eachother for the first time in the school break before going to college. Oikawa learned Shizuko many other things a setter can do. Oikawa also brought Shizuko to the altair when she got married with Miyuki.

Trivia Edit

  • Shizuko cut her hair at the end of her third year in high school
  • Current concern(Haikyuu!!): She doesnt know how to confess to Sugawara
  • No one really knows it but Kuramochi and Shizuko have kissed once when they were drunk.
  • She shares the same birthday as her creator because the creator is too lazy to think of a birthday
  • Shizuko's and Miyuki's first date was a baseball game planned by Sugawara and Kuramochi.

Creator Edit

Kanada Shizuko is created by: Sawashiro Kairo

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