Joseph is a prince and the son of King Nicholas and Queen Mathilda.


When meeting new people, Joseph acts quite confident and tough to try and show off. He'll abuse his power a bit over people but when he gets to know them, he is friendlier and a bit less open with his feelings. He doesn't like it when people make comments about him or insult him and will try to prove them wrong. He keeps his friendlier personality locked up because he thinks it makes him look weak. He was attacked in the past and it made him scared about anyone trying to kill him so he stayed out of the way of people but now he wants to get stronger so he can take care of himself. Since he was attacked he spent most of his time inside so he tried to get over his insecurity by bossing the servants around but now since meeting other princes and princesses, he is becoming more confident but kinder. He had always been confident in saying what he thinks but now he sees the consequences of some things he says and learns from them.


Although sometimes intimidating, Joseph isn't very strong and will lose a fight with a reasonable sized opponent. He is also extremely stubborn and will refuse to change his beliefs if they are strong enough. He can be a bit arrogant since he is a prince but he isn't so much anymore as he has met more people from outside who aren't his servants. He has learnt honour and humidity but is more willing to help people now which can mean he can be taken advantage of. He knows that just being a prince doesn't mean he cannot be harmed so tries to get stronger.

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