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About himEdit

Jin's father is a huge milionaire tycoon and on the other hand Jin is a Prodigy in Technology. He doesn't have lots of friends and mostly goes with his butler Kaidou.


Kaido Jin is a prodigy with a high degree of knowledge in technology. He is distant from others and tends to be silent, but he enjoys making many thing, he has a very social polite manner towards people, friends and otherwise.


Jin was born in the rich Kazuto family. He was born in Tokyo and was a huge fan of robots leading him to be intrested in making robots and many things. He mostly is at home either making softwares or making robots in his free time when he was 6 years old his brother Raiden died from a serious cause of illness.

Appearence Edit

Jin has black hair with a grey-white streak on the right side which is a bit long. He has red eyes and wears a he wears jeans and a teal shirt, with a black and purple vest over it.


"Every human being relies on and is bounded by his knowledge and experience to live. This is what we call “reality”. However, knowledge and experience are ambiguous, thus reality can become illusion. Is it not possible to think that, all human beings are living in their assumptions?"-Jin Kazuto

"A dream… I’m dreaming a dream… A dream I dream every day… An endless dream…"- Jin Kazuto


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