Anime Girl 3

Jennifer Lamberts

Jennifer Lamberts is a 15 year old Fire-Pokémon trainer. She mostly travels in the forests, so because of that she doesn't know many cities. Like most of the trainers, she has 6 Pokémon and travels around the world to catch a legendary fire-pokémon.


Jennifer has light pink hair and sparkly blue eyes. She wears a blue school jacket with a litte, pink ribbon. Her skirt is the same colour as her jacket and she wears black shoes. Though she only wears it at her home.

When she travels she has a braid in her hair and two black bracelets on her left arm. She wears black jeans with a black tank-top and a red jacket. She carries a small bag, however, where she gets her Pokéballs from, is a mystery.


No one actually knows her true personality. Mostly she has seen to be kind, out-going and caring. But when she's battling against another trainer, then she act bossy and a loud mouth, still she deeply cares about her fire-pokemon.


Jennifer grew up in a healthy family. She was scared for pokemon at first but after when her father started a gym. She started to love pokemon and loved the fire-types even more because she once got saved by one, though its unknown which pokemon it was. On her 9th birthday she heard about her parents secret of a organisation that captures pokemon. She joined the organisation a year later and is succesfully at catching them. She meets lots of people and travel together with them, however she would never steal pokémon from people who helped her.


Here is a list of Jennifer's pokémon.

  • Charmander (Starter)
  • Flareon
  • Houndoom (Pokemon who saved her)
  • Vulpix (From her mother)
    Jennifers Vulpix

    Jennifer's Vulpix

  • Ponyta


This character belongs to Kaitsurinu-Chan

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