Imae Date
Date Imae
First Name Date
Second Name
Surname Imae
Nickname Okinawa Tiger
Biological Information
Gender Male
Age 16
Date of Birth 12th January 1998
Eye color Green
Hair color Black
Species Human
Status Alive
Personal Information
Occupation Amateur Fighter

Store Clerk High-School Student

Family Unnamed Mother
Relatives {{{relatives}}}
Partner Ganaha Hibiki
Residence Okinawa, Japan
Nationality Japanese
Abilities/Powers Fighting
Weapon {{{weapon}}}
Anime The Idolm@ster
Voice Actor {{{voice_actor}}}

Imae Date is a sixteen year old karate blackbelt competing in the All-National Junior Karate Championship. Like all of the fighters participating he holds a blackbelt. His nickname "Okinawan Tiger" comes from his wild style of fighting.

"Why do I fight? I want to know what it means to be strong and until I find that answer I'll keep on fighting until I can't move anymore!"

Personality and BackgroundEdit

Date comes across as being brash, energetic and passionate. His determination and never say die attitude are something that make the local Okinawa people incredibly proud. Thus he has built up a massive following as seen at his matches where thunderous chanting in his name are always heard.

While coming across as somewhat rude he is shown to have a strong caring side never using his martial art abilities outside the ring unless in self defense or from protecting those who cannot protect themselves.

He lives with his mother above the family shop and helps out there when he isn't practicing. His father who was a firefighter passed away while rescuing a child from a burning building when Date was 8 years old. This served as Date's reason to fight and his question on what it means to be strong.

Fighting StyleEdit

Date's strongest trait is his punching power probably possessing more powerful punches than Katsutaka Ryuuhei. He traditionally uses the Kiba Dachi stance during his matches to put enough weight behind his punches to surprise and overwhelm his opponent. If this tactic fails to work he tends to switch into a Neko Ashi Dachi stance and execute his special move which he calls Uzu.

Uzu takes advantage of the Neko Ashi Dachi's speed to quickly deliver powerful and fast punches and kicks from every angle while moving at high speed. The moves name translates to whirlpool due to the circular motion at which the user goes around the opponent. The Uzu's weakness however is that it takes a lot of stamina to use and will exhaust the user rapidly even after one use.

Imae's biggest weakness is his simple-mindedness and his inability to conceive counter measures against moves he hasn't seen before.


  • Imae isn't the brightest of people and is shown to be quite forgetful and scatterbrained.
  • He stays with Hibiki Ganaha when he is staying in Tokyo.
  • While they are childhood friends they bicker over nearly everything.
  • Like Noboyuki, Imae also struggles with his weight control however this is mainly due to him forgetting about it.
  • When he was younger he was a leader of a delinquent gang but only did so to protect others from other local gangs.

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