Icarus is a 19 year old angel from heaven who was locked away with his father 'Daedalus'. However he managed to escape by attaching his severed wings to him with wax. But when he flew away, he flew too close to the sun and the wax melted and he fell to Earth. When he woke up he found his wings were now a part of him. He thinks he was saved by one of the Gods as he fell but he doesn't know exactly what happened.


Icarus is quite shy of other people and when he fell he lost most of his memories so he is very inexperienced considering his age. He tries to remain out of sight and spends a lot of time in the forest. When he escaped, he stole a sword for protection which he carries around with him. Despite his inexperience he is reliable and willing to put his life at risk for others. He is afraid of flying because of the memory of what happened but he hopes that Daedalus is ok and wants to see him again.

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