Hanawa Zeniya
Hanawa Zeniya
First Name Zeniya
Second Name Seiko
Surname Hanawa
Biological Information
Gender Female
Age 16
Date of Birth February 14, 1997
Eye color Dark blue
Hair color Black
Species Human
Status Alive
Personal Information
Occupation 464 idol
Family Chizu (older sister), Junna (younger sister), Yosuke (younger brother), mother, father
Partner Tachibana Noboyuki
Residence Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan
Nationality Japanese
Abilities/Powers Singing, playing the piano
Anime The Idolm@ster
Voice Actor Yoko Hikasa (Japanese)

Sharon den Adel (English)

Zeniya is a 16-year-old idol of 464 pro with the goat sign of the agency's zodiac signs. 


Zeniya grew up in a traditional Japanese family with one older sister, one younger sister, and one younger brother. Zeniya's older sister, Chizu, is four years older than Zeniya. This is because Zeniya's mother got pregnant at quite a young age. Zeniya's younger sister, Junna, is four years younger than Zeniya and Zeniya's younger brother, Yosuke, is eleven years younger.

Zeniya always had a good relationship with her family, especially with her sibling. Chizu always looked after Zeniya and always teases her about crushes. Even though Zeniya has a good relationship with her family, she doesn't always tell them everything. One of these things she doesn't tell is that she got bullied at school because she was “different." This bullying continued for a few years and caused that Zeniya became shy and insecure.

Zeniya lying


Zeniya is a shy and insecure girl due to being bullied. She is quite friendly and would like to have some good friends. When Zeniya's not shy or insecure, she can be really cheerful and helpful. She blushes quickly and doesn't have the courage to say her opinion. 

464 CareerEdit


Zeniya saw the advertisement of 464 pro and wanted to audition, but couldn't since she was too late to sign in due to a family trip. Weeks later she went to the 464 office after her family encouraged her to go. But when she heard some others practice their singing, Zeniya got insecure and thought she wasn't good enough. She was about to leave when Uchino spotted her. Zeniya quickly said she wanted to become a manager, hoping the position was taken already, but it wasn't and Zeniya became the new manager. A few weeks later when the first “mysterious” song appeared, Fubuki and Uchino discovered Zeniya's talent. Zeniya played the song on the piano so they’d know what it sounded like. After that she got asked to sing a song. Ever since then, Zeniya has been an idol. Even now she still does some manager jobs, like picking up the phone.


  • Zeniya's favorite fruit is raspberry.
  • Zeniya seems to have a photographic memory.


"Audition song": Ichiban no Takaramono

These are songs Zeniya sings with this voice.

Seishun Vibration

Pure pure heart

Utsukushiki Zankoku Na Sekai

Owaranai Uta

** The songs and voice belong to Yoko Hikasa and producers, writers, etc.

Creator Edit


Liz sprite Live, Laugh and Love

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