Fujiwara Kazuki
Fujiwara Kazuki
First Name Kazuki
Second Name
Surname Fujiwara
Nickname Kazan
Biological Information
Gender {{{gender}}}
Age 17
Date of Birth 15th May 1996
Eye color Gold
Hair color Brown
Species {{{species}}}
Status Alive
Personal Information
Occupation Amateur Fighter

Flower Shop Attendant

Family Unnamed Father

Unnamed Mother

Relatives {{{relatives}}}
Partner None
Residence Kyuushu, Japan
Nationality Japanese
Abilities/Powers Fighting
Weapon {{{weapon}}}
Anime The Idolm@ster
Voice Actor {{{voice_actor}}}

Fujiwara Kazuki is a seventeen year old karate blackbelt competing in the All-National Junior Karate Championship. Like all of the fighters participating he holds a blackbelt. His nickname "Kazan" comes from his special move and his personality shift during fights.

"I-I'll give it m-my b-best, p-please don't b-be too r-rough... I'm going to take you down bastard!"

Personality and BackgroundEdit

At first Kazuki is shown to be a very shy and meek person having very little self confidence in himself or his abilities. He had a lengthy past of being bullied and picked on and chose to take up karate to protect himself. He is very kind towards others and holds whom he fights against in very high regards especially Tachibana Noboyuki.

However when he begins a match his personality swiftly changes into that of a rough and aggrevise person. This is the reason behind his nickname "Kazan" as him entering this state of mind is alike to a volcano erupting. He is shown to swear a lot during his matches and commit subtle fouls to break his opponents guard so he can prepare to use his signature move "Kazan".

He lives with both his parents in Kyuushu. He has a great interest in flowers and works as a trainee florist with his karate coach.

Fighting StyleEdit

Kazuki's strongest trait is the power built up in his legs. This power not only allows him powerful kicks but quick dashing as well. He fights in the Zen Kutsu Dachi stance for better use of his powerful legs. He is seen committing subtle fouls to allow himself access to his signature move.

"Kazan" is a relatively simple move in which the user quickly delivers three swift kicks to the opponents midriff from an upward angle to send them flying into the air. The raw power behind the move usually leaves the opponent completely winded and unable to move at full speed. Kazan's weakness is that it can be quite predictable to read and can be easily blocked or countered.

Kazuki's biggest weakness is his low punching power as he has developed his legs to such a strong point he hasn't trained his arms in the same way and is susceptible to being overpowered in a punching match.

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