Dante is a character that is used in futuristic RPs.


Not much is known about Dante's background prior to his life in the ruins. He claims that his parents hate him, meaning it might be the cause of his abandonment in the ruins. He does not fully remember all of his memories but does indeed have some of them, like memories of his name and family life.


Due to living in the ruins all alone for most of his life, Dante is rather anti-social and awkward. He simply doesn't know how to interact with another, and stutters a lot. He also seems to get frightened a lot, seeing as he spent alone for most of his time.

He also seems to be more comfortable with being alone and gets nervous around big crowds. This is because he's never truly experienced a friendship, and prefers to have a few close friends than many relationships. He also show signs anxiety and fear often and seemingly panics with rashness.

Dante also has very little knowledge of the technology that the city holds, having not visiting the city once before meeting Viria and Xyra.


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Dante was originally hostile towards Xyra, but over time became friends. When they first met, and when Xyra asked for his past, Dante felt pressured and assured himself he wouldn't like her. Although she is the most he trusts out of the two of people he's first met, seeing as he told her his past and preferred to stay at her house than Viria's.


Dante was originally hostile towards Viria, but a bond was formed between the two. Dante at first founded her odd and loud as she kept shouting and searching for Xyra in the ruins. Viria is quick to make sure Dante takes care of himself, and they seem to have a brother-sister like friendship. They also share a likeliness for seafood.


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