Daigo is an 17-year-old Pokémon trainer born in a small village in the Rintoras region. He has been on his journey for a couple of years. He only recently decided to obtain the badges of Rintoras and challenge the pokémon league.

History Edit

Daigo was born and named after his uncle, whom had recently passed away before his birth. He grew up with his family in the Rintoras region. His mother passed away when he was young after succumbing to an unknown illness.

Daigo at first decided against going on a journey but his family had finally coerced him into going on one. At the age of 15 he was given his first pokémon by his father, a Mareep.

Daigo first appeared in Colloseo Town where he was there to partake in the annual tournament held there every year. Daigo was one of Takeshi's room-mates while they stayed in Colloseo Town. He watched the match between Takeshi and xxx. The following day he took part in the tournament finishing top of his group and advancing to the next round.

Personality Edit

Daigo is quite level headed and calm. He is quite intuitive and values learning greatly, whether that be learning from a book or learning autonomously.

He caes quite deeply about his pokémon and shares a particularly strong bond with his Flaffy as seen as how it travels outside its pokéball.

Pokémon on hand Edit

  • Flaffy- Male, Moves Known- Discharge, Thunder Wave, Headbutt, Cotton Guard.

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