First Name Unknown
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Surname Unknown
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Biological Information
Gender Male
Age Late 20's to Early 30's
Date of Birth December 22XX
Eye color Black
Hair color Black
Species Human
Status Alive
Personal Information
Occupation Spectrum Leader
Family None
Relatives None
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Residence Spectrum HQ
Nationality {{{nationality}}}
Abilities/Powers Slot-in chip gear

Spirit Unison, Enhanced Strength and Speed, Brilliant tactical mind

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Colonel is an adult man used in a Futuristic War RP that takes place in 2284.

History and Background Edit

Colonel was forced to fight from the age of 14 against the females. He witnessed brutality and cruelty from both male and female genders by seeing the torture that women were put through by men and vice versa when he was deserted by his superiors and tortured by the woman who captured him.

After many years trapped in the female HQ Colonel managed to escape the female base and went into hiding to evade capture from both the male and females.

These events led him to believe that the human race would come to extinction should the war continue, this led him to create Spectrum a gender equality militia intent on bringing peace to the world.

After many years of roaming the planet trying to find people with the same aspirations as him, he found Sadie and Firefox, a talented hacker and weapons and gear expert both of whom believed in Colonel's dream.

The 3 of them over time managed to create a small but powerful force of people wishing for freedom by using Sadie's hacking skills to hack into both male and female networks to gain information, Firefox's weapons and gear expertise to create new more powerful weapons and upgrade existing gear and Colonel's incredible ability to inspire and lead people.

History Edit

Colonel was first seen when Sydney Young and Sean O' Reilly fought for the second time which resulted in Sean almost kiling her had Jack not intervened. His next appearance was when Sydney Young was released and set free by Jack O' Reilly. Colonel was able to hear everything Jack had said through the hacked network in the male base. He appeared after Sydney had escaped and Jack was unconscious on the ground and took him to the Spectrum HQ believing that he would be a valuable asset to Spectrum.

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