Claire is the 16-year-old daughter of Valery Parker and Darren Greyson, used in Superhero/Superpower/ Supernatural RPs.


Claire grew up as a normal girl until she discovered her superpowers at the age of 12. She found out when she started to sing and things she sang started to become real. She was really confused at first but when Valery and Darren found out about it, they explained everything to her. Ever since then Claire has been trying to control those powers so she could still sing without using them. 

Claire's parents also told her that she already had powers when she was a toddler. When she got mad and started yelling, their surroundings got affected. For example, the ground started to shake or windows started to break.


Is Claire is a naïve teenage girl who always tries believes in the good of people, even though that might lead to her being too gullible or being too soft on people who did bad things. Aside from that, Claire really cherishes her family and friends and wants to protect and help them. She can be shy, but is mostly just a polite and nice girl who's easily scared.



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