"For the sake of justice..I will let no evil go unpunished."

Bruno is a character in an rp based on the Arcana Famiglia anime.

Bruno is an 18 year old boy with brown hair. He wears long black coats most of the time which became his uniform. He doesn't really have any casual clothes and doesn't really care.


Bruno is friendly enough when spoken to but he is very serious when on a mission. He doesn't do a lot until given orders but when given them, he executes them with frightening efficiency. He can be quite ruthless to his enemies with his weapon, a scythe, and won't show much mercy unless ordered to but will only kill certain enemies. He says he has his reasons for letting others live. He has a contract with the 'Hanged Man' card which grants him several unique abilities however, he doesn't like explaining them to others. Due to the nature of his powers, he is constantly afraid that he isn't doing his job and patrols the town whenever he can. He is not a massive team player but trusts in his comrades to look after themselves. He will support them but due to the size of his weapon, it is less effective in small spaces. It stays folded up on his back but the blade springs out when he draws it for battle. He won't try and be a hero and knows when the battle is lost. He tries to ensure that the team stays a team. This can be troublesome when there is emotional distress and tension so he has to force himself to be firm and commanding. He firmly believes in no man gets left behind so If anyone needs to get out of somewhere, he will make sure they get out and can live to fight another day.


Bruno's contract is with The Hanged Man which makes him immortal in regards to physical wounds. However, since the Hanged Man hangs from a branch, not quite in life or death, Bruno must seek out those who have heavy sins and pass judgement on them. He must keep doing this to keep his powers which was was one reason for him joining the group. But if he judges them wrong, or kills someone who's sin wasn't heavy enough then his sin will be too heavy and his powers will rip him apart. He made mistakes in his past so now he can't afford to mess up. He is very good at wielding his scythe and doesn't seem to be affected by it's weight and size. He uses it as an execution tool by forcing the target to their knees and holding the blade to their neck as he weighs their sin. He cannot afford to make a mistake so is very cautious.

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