Abigail Lancaster
First Name Abigail
Second Name Emmy
Surname Lancaster
Biological Information
Age 16
Sex Female
Date of Birth April 16th 19xx
Height 5'7" / 1,70 m
Weight 132 lbs / 60 kg
Eye color Forest Green
Hair color Russet Brown
Race White
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Personal Information
Occupation Student at Montgomery High
Family Michael and Maria Lancaster (adoptive parents); Daniel, Samuel, and Jamie (adoptive siblings)
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Residence Montgomery, Alabama (USA); resides with parents
Nationality American
Nickname(s) Abby, Abs, Lia
Skills Photographic memory, skilled guitarist
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Hobbies Playing guitar, hanging out with friends, making videos, reading, learning.
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 Abigail "Abby" Lancaster is a sixteen-year-old YouTuber, Professional Fiction Reader, Semi-Professional Guitarist & Vocalist, and Superly Professional Name-Giver to Random Things.


Don't expect this page to be too serious quite yet lol. It's in its early stages of development and I honestly couldn't really care less about the way I write it down atm. You've been warned. c:<


Abigail grew up in Montgomery City, Alabama, US of A, born to her biological parents, of whom I still don't know their names lol, aka the Reed family. Soon, her parents realized she had a photographic memory, being able to remember things from her early childhood. I still dunno what really happens to them, but the plan is that her parents and her baby brother die in a freakish car crash accident. Still being 'round age six, she soon gets adopted by the Lancasters, who live either in Montgomery City or in another (fictional) town somewhere near Montgomery City. Most likely the latter. Idk yet for sure tho.


Of course a character wouldn't be anythin' without a plot now, eh? Guess what. Boom, development.

Flash forward approx. ten years and we get Abby where she is now, sixteen years old, going to High School, leading a happy, healthy life with amazing friends and everything. Yay. Abigail's doing great in school, having high marks on just about all her subjects because of her photographic memory. As any other teenager, Abby has her own set of hobbies, mainly playing guitar and learning. Her lust for knowledge is insatiable, and she'll remember anything she can get her hands on. Something she also does to keep herself busy is playing guitar, which is something she is adept at. Theory was no problem for Abigail at all, and finger positioning soon followed, which then led to her being a fast guitarist, hands-wise. 

Let's skip back to the photographic memory, 'cuz that's going to be really important, really.

So basically, photographic memories are different for everyone. In Abby's case, she can especially recall sounds and visions. Physical touch is a rather close second, and tastes and smells are what Abby least remembers, though she can recall her thought process at a specific moment; if at the moment she experiences something, she finds it tastes or smells good, she will remember that fact, though less precisely what exactly it smelled/tasted like.

Abigail decided to post a video of her covering a song on guitar one day on YouTube. Basically, this was the start of her channel, LiagibA. Her YouTube account nowadays mainly consists of random vlogs with her two best friends, Jordan Diaz and Emily Hughes, as well as covers of anything on guitar.

Idk I'll continue this later lol. 

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