"If you are so determined to kill...why should you be allowed to live?"


A.I.D.E.N is the code name given to a super-advanced A.I which was developed by a secret testing facility in the year 2284, during the war between men and women. It is a reinforced, bullet-proof titanium skeleton and covered in nano-machines which make it look human so it blends in on a battlefield. These machines also repair any minor cuts on scratches and it also hardens and adapts to new experiences and environments.


A.I.D.E.N does not show emotion. It wanders around cities just learning and adapting to everything it experiences. Unfortunately, it will still use its weapons if it feels threatened and has killed a few innocent people. It has not grasped human speech and will refer to other people as 'humans' which make it look a bit mad to regular people. It stills talks in a machine-like manner and will react to threats in the environment. He is trying to search for other A.I like him but usually goes to other bases which results in it getting shot at. It has not taken a side in the war and merely intervenes at some points and does things it thinks are the correct things to do. Because it learns from experience and has limited decision making which it's creator put into him, A.I.D.E.N doesn't have emotion because he has not really seen it in other people because the of the war. It was not programmed with any feelings and is slowly adapting to see humanity as war driven and easily manipulated and is slowly giving up on it as a species. it has experienced much negative emotion on humans, such as rage and anger and it is starting to hate humans and has no remorse in killing them. It does not understand why humans act the way they do. It has decided that the only way to end the death is to kill the ones who begun the war and has set out after them, destroying anything in its way.


A.I.D.E.N was created as a soldier in the ongoing war. It was given a prototype A.I core but it was too advanced and began to adapt and develop a human-like conscience. The test was scrapped and it was placed in a secure cell and shut down to only be reactivated when it could be mended. However, it woke itself back up and broke out with the weapons it had been given and killed a lot of the people who tried to stop him. It tries to see any good in humanity but with the war happening, he is struggling to find any. It is very protective of itself and hurts or kills anyone that tries to do it harm.  

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